Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closest thing to me/Moleskinnnning

(Credit for this song goes to my good friend Kaarel and it's been haunting me since I opened this link. This blog will go through some changes(which are hopefully good) step-by-step and we will start from giving another try in writing as many languages as possible in one post( which means actually 2 -english and estonian) Estonian will come first and english will follow. Texts might be different cause hey- im not a google translator :) and might get other ideas in writing different languages. Love you all and here we go!)
Mult on oi-kui-palju uuritud nende paari aasta jooksul mu sketchbookide kohta ja märkmete kohta mis ma teen ning palutud nii vyous kui formspringis näidata videosid ja pilte enda mõttekäikudest ja mingitel imelikel põhjustel olen seda aina vähem ja vähem teinud mida aeg edasi. Otsustasin natukene seda asja muuta ning alustada kõige isiklikumast asjast mulle- minu moleskinid ja otsesed märkmed mida ma teen koolis ja leheküljed kuhu ma sodin hommikusööki süües ja metrooga sõites ja isegi kell 5 hommikul peolt tulles :D Niiet minu süda-mõtted-hing paberil. Pooleteist aastaga olen täitnud ära peaaegu 3 kõige paksemat moleskini + mitukümmmmmend sketchbooki joonistustega niiet ise olen produktiivsuse üle päris õnnelik. Pointless on skännida sisse igat lehte ja seletada igat sõna + ma olen täiesti kindel et KÕIKI inimesi maailmas ei huvita selline asi absoluutselt üldse..aga neid keda on huvitanud ja siiani huvitab- ma olen selle teile võlgu :)

 I had so many requests to show and explain my sketching style and techniques and personal notebooks and well- with no particular reason I've been doing posts like this less and less. So kind of felt like I own some scan-in's to you guys.
I filled in almost 3 thickest Moleskins in past 1,5 years + around 25-30 sketchbooks so I feel wuite productive. There is no point to scan in each and every one of my moleskins with all the notes, cause I think you kind of get the feeling and point from these pictures.
This is as personal as it can get really. Pages from my visual diary. Place where I write and sketch when Im in fashion design studios, when Im going from point A to point B by tube.. I mean- im even sketching when im coming from a party or after party ( hahaha) at god-knows-what-time. So here you go!

Ja nüüd igavamal noodil- kogu mu aega ja nagu näha ka und(viimane nädal olen kannatanud kohutava unetuse all- maailmaväsinud kuid pooled öödest ei maga tundigi ja ülejäänud 1-3 tundi max) uus projekt, mis pole üldsegi projekt vaid hoopis pikkpikk arutlev essee cupcakede, desperate housewives'ide, deminismi, dita von teese, bitchflake'side ja Nigella teemal.. AGA sellest ilmselt järgmises postituses arutlevalt juba pikemalt ja asjalikumalt. Enne pean ennast kokku võtma ja lõpetama superkiirelt ära ühe projektiga mis läheb ühe uue superkhuuli eesti ajakirja jaoks! Aga sellest ka juba hiljem:) (JUHUL Kui ma suudan sellega õigeaegselt koolikõrvalt hakkama saada..god- nad peaksid meile ühe hand ini ja teise hullumeelse asja vahel kasvõi paar päeva hingamisaega andma juuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!) Aaaaa..eiei. Enne pean ära tegema laialt lubatud postitused mis lugejate requestitud.. niiet no worries- ma ei ole neid ära unustanud:)

And on a more different note- just notes from my new investigational piece. These notes kind of say it all. Nigella, cupcakes, feminism, The Stepford wives, Desperate housewives, dita von teese, 50s, domestic goddess.
Will write about it probably in my next post.

Hope you are having a fab week.

With all my love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Black Project


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 days of London Fashion Week

Whats your favourite look?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LFW so far through my sweet little iPhone lense -day 1 & day 2

Im gonna try and stick to writing in english this time, but I already have a terrrrrrrrrrrrhiiiible(with a french accent, like I usually say this) feeling that I will fail and start using estonglish(mixed estonian and english) very-very soon.

BUT.. here we go. There's this crazy excitement about fashion week that you can only feel when you are really in it, you know- this special vibe and feeling about places, people etc. I was whining loudly on twitter about not feeling this excitement this year and thank god- fashion week started and the excitement arrived like it should.  This is my 4th LFW this season and I have to say- Im not going crazy planning my outfits these days(kind of deciding 5 min before leaving my flat in the morning) and not trying to make it to EVERY show from 10am til 8-9pm + after parties. People who do that are crazy and I was one of them. Not anymore. This year it's all about people- people who have become kind of "fashion week friends". You see them once in every 6 months and for a week you eat and do everything the same way, you go to the same places and you kind of share everything in common. That's the beauty of it.

Also, Im not carrying my big camera with me this season- too heavy, cant be bothered, not doing any street style shots myself and I never use my catwalk images after i take really no point it that huh? (Talking about street style- If you spot me- let me know! It feels like at least 50-60 street style photographers take your picture every day and how freaking annoying it is that you never-ever see these pictures again? Like realllly?)

Haha..and. Before I get to my beloved Instagram pictures I NEED to share this video, which I find so true and so funny only because of the fact that I've said at least half of those/similar things in last 2 days and the other half- well...I've heard other people saying those.

 It's day one, morning and Im 99% sure that Im not going to fashion least today. But out of curiosity decided to try on some shoes and that was a game changer. Put on my neon Kirkwoods and off to daaaa fashion week.
 Cute gold envelope with all my invites for that day(also good for business cards)
 When Its Fashion week you simply dont have enough time to eat. This is just how it is, but thank god- when you do, they give you best ever sandwiches.

 Haha..This is how happy my Pony was when we finally made it to our food.

 Finally. Somerset house, we are back!

 Didn't really think about this outfit. Was wearing this supersuper comfy Acne playsuit already and just decided to add my Neon Nicholas Kirkwood shoes to add some colour. Jacket is Emporio Armani and bag is from Bally.

 After a looooonglooong day- Tony&Guy at Govent Garden is just a life saver.
 Another show, another seating que. That's where you shoes start killing you. ALWAYS.

 Party and the After
 Venues are really beautiful this year <3

One of the streetstyle shots someone spotted and sent to me. Loving the "striking looks & fashion insiders" remark haha
Day 2 was... rainy. And Cold. And this rain was soo sooosooooo unexpected. Kind of had to run inside and I was expecting to find some shelter from this terrible rain, coffee and vitamin water from press area & blog bar, but instead of that found some sweeeeeet Tony&Guy hairdressers who took care of me and my candy floss hair :)

 This is what I wore today. Pretty simple again. Silk shirt is from Zara, Jacket that Im holding and wearing at other pictures is from Gucci. Bag is Chanel, Trousers are H&M and shoes YSL. So pretty good mix of high street and high fashion, isnt it?

 Lovely thingy from exhibition. Totally wearing this and nothing else tomorrow :D

 My sweetest little angel
 Lunch time and Tom's Kitchen
 Another show , another seating que. I swear one day Im gonna die there.
 ...and my timetable for today.
 Weather report this week. Thank god that litttleeee sunshineee will be attending this LFW.
 Kinder Aggugini Front row- funcky prints, different shades of grey, long coats and nelly,50cent, beyonce, usher-soundtrack.
I was seated front row next to wonder-wonderful Eo Bocci- man behind Rick Owens, Alexander Mcqueen and many other's success. We got talking and he was beyond friendly and had so many good points that he shared with me. It is great to talk to someone from previous, much wiser generation and learn from them and hopefully they find something fascinating about us-internet generation- as well. We are meeting tomorrow for a breakfast at The Groucho members-only club to talk some more serious business and then fashion week day 3 can take over:)

 haha..count how many iphones can you see - this is reality.

 Going home- beautiful sunset.

 I feel like a little turtle these days- always carrying extra pair of flats, jackets, water, snacks, invites, another bag...whole my life basically with me.

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