Monday, March 26, 2012

Õnnelik/ Happy_ giveaway winner+week in photographs

Hei Armsad,

Vabandan esimese asjana, et loosimise kuupäevaga läks nii nagu läks. See nädal oli epic-kiire ja seda päris mitmel põhjusel, millest osad olid kooliga seotud ja osad mitte. Mis täpselt ja kuidas seletan oma iga-nädalase "week in instagram" postituses ja nii ongi. Loosi võitja ütlen lõpus ka ära ning palun endaga ühendust võtta asap, et oleks selge kuidas kõik kätte saab. Uus loosimine on ka tulekul ja natsa suurem ja hästi khuul. Kahjuks ei oska veel öelda millal täpselt, sest ootan selle kohalejõudmist endani:) šniiki šniiki!

Hi cupcakes,

This week has been crazy-busy, but I guess that only in a good way. I can truly say that I'm really happy at this point in my life. Probably happiest i've been in a long time. And that's good. Supahgood.
I guess that I've been a bit loose with all my school work as well and having a bit more fun in my personal life, but I think its ok.. sometimes. Now I really need to get back to ONLY being on studymode ( especially because it's easter soon! which means that I'm going home AGAIN.)  Also, we started with 2 really exciting projects at school, which I will enjoy a lot. I already know that.
But now- let's get to my weekly " week through instagram" post 


Left: View from my sweetest L's flat from 20-something-floor. 
Right: After mad all-nighter this wednesday morning, when I had to give in my "New Domecticity" illustrated academic essay. 2 hours of sleep, felt like a zombie, looked like one too.

Some of you who follow me on formspring, might know that I've been having problems with my sleeping schedules and falling a sleep and that I did a whole acupuncture treatment course and saw some other therapists to help myself. Totally worked and now I sleep like a baby.  I guess I can add it to my " i am happy atm because..." list :)

Im happy to say, that this week spring finally arrived to London.  So warm and sunny. Love it.
From left to right: Maria's gifts&some old new look necklace worn as a bracelet, feeling da spring vibe & flowers, Poni's awesome bdya gift from Kurt Geigar

Like I mentioned- half of this week was pretty much just about panicing about the essay(and not actually writing it) and instead of writing- tweeting about it. many of you got me back on twitter or formspring saying how entertaining it is to follow my essay writing( or non-writing) so just looking back and sharing it with you guys here as well! 

Joe&the Juice- best smoothies, cutest boys hahah

Left: another schoolday, 9am
Right:  my favourite thing ever- bday gift from boys and drawing by Martin Saar &Joosep Järvesaar.

 Lunch with my girls that made me feel like dying ( cause I was so full) and made me feel like im in heaven(cause burgers were so good) . Nothing else says more "screw summer diets and perfect beach bodies" like a meal like this. 

 Coming from school and lunch
 Back to the essay writing
 @ Laura's. Sunday, balloooons and brunchtime.
 More of this killer essay and time when EVERY little detail around you becomes more interesting than essay itself.

My platinum-blonde moment this week, essay writing and looking+feeling like zombie vol1000

Couple of days ago, I found a phone and 500pounds in the phone case while going home by tube. I took it to the tube station office straight away and left all the details and my contact number etc. Couple of hours later I got this text. I hope that Karma's going to love me.

Left: pretty much my regular school-day-in-a-rush-breakfast
Right: On wednesday I was shot by Ben Rayner, who's a photographer for Vogue Paris, Wonderland etc, shot everyone from Russell Brand, Lykke Li to  Levis, Nike, Kurt Geiger commercials for magazine and web. I was lucky enough to meet sweetest-friendliest people out there and cant wait to see results. Also, I shot some nice backstage photographers with proper camera, but will be able to share only after the spread will be out! So waaaait for it!

 laura and her little brother came to visit Laura, Lisett and me this weekend! (and bädboi H.H ka!)
Mult on palju küsitud mu kõige-kõige paremate sõprade kohta ja ma alati tunnen kui raske mul vastata on.. sest selline sõprus mis on kestnud alates sellest ajast kui ma nukudega mängisin ja lugema-arvutama õppisin korralikult kuni siiani on midagi täiesti teistusugst. seda ei peagi seletama ja sellega tuleb lihtsalt kaasa minna. fakt on see, et on inimesed kellega ma tean, et  ma olen seotud elu lõpuni..isegi kui ma peaks otsustama lambist neid mingi hetk vihkama ei saa neist lahti! to the infinity and beyond :) mõlemad Laurad on kindlasti seda tüüpi inimesed.

 Weather was superwarm(around +21'c at one point I think?!) but still.. got my act together and went to school. We started with 2 new things- 
- print projects where we work mostly with jersey materials. On the left is my coursemate's Niall's moodboard, which I found quite lovely and I hope he doesn't mind that I share it with you guys. This guy is next level talented and you can follow his blog and creations HERE

Empty studios

Work hard, play hard.. or eat a lot. @Borough market with my eeeeesti girls + villu. Borough market is def one of my fav places in London and def worth visiting. I get quite a lot of my food from there weekly- best grapefruits, caramel fudge and herb butter in town.

 Just when I thought it cant get any nicer- it got. 21'c and sunshine. Beautiful &sweet Inna-girl joined us on saturday for picnic and sun fun.  We went to M&S got like billion bags of food, sushi from Wasabi and hit the Regents Park. Player cards and enjoyed each other's company. Best saturday eveeeeer.


Giveaway winner:

Su blogi on praegu väga mõnus ja kerge lugeda, nii et otsest vajadust midagi muuta pole. Kuid äkki võiksid kiirematel eluperioodidel kui pole võimalik pikka juttu kirjutada, mingeid pilte siia postitada, kuna nagu me kõik teame, 1 pilt räägib 1000 sõna ;)


Monday, March 19, 2012

Voyage Voyage

Outfit moments from Paris day2.
Not much else to say really. 

Enjoy cupcakes!

mantel McQueen ja kõik muu H&M, nii lihtne ongi!
Ahja, ja kott Bally