Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting into it.

For my birthday, I got a perfect gift for myself- worst flu of my life. But that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to uni projects. Especially with a biggy like this one for Asos marketplace. 
I haven't been doing as much as I usually would, because my flu-state, but slowly we are getting more and more into it. Fabrics are getting confirmed as well as main detailing. Each of us are starting to work on our own pieces and hopefully next week, we will be doing final toile fittings. ( haha. as I haven't even started toiling? )
Anyway, first visuals of where are we going with it!

ps. Also, I'm looking for new, supercool, inspired photographers/ video editors and masters to collaborate for Asos project, could be either UK or Estonia- keeping my mind open for anything. I know it's hard to find tastes that match when it comes to creative people, so I think it's important to look everywhere, listen to everyone and see what might pop up!
So if you know someone who knows someone who is fantastically talented, creative and cool, leave your sweet recommendation to me!




Anonymous said...

videoga võib lahedaid asju korda saata Robert Parelo, kuigi tal võib praegu päris kiire ka olla.. :)

Eneli said...

Minul tuli kohe mõttesse Eesti oma tubli ja samuti väga omapärase käekirjaga fotograaf, kes peaks hetkel samuti Londonis õppima! :)


maija said...

Mattias Malk, Londonis baseeruv ja seal õppinud & lõpetanud fotograaf


Anonymous said...

Maris Savikul on üsna ilusad pildid.

K Han said...

Maiken Staan ...
ehk tunned teda isegi ...ei imestaks :D

Anonymous said...

preili Kaisa-Madli otsib uusi huvitavaid võimalusi, midagi loomingulist teha : )

kaisamadli said...

ups, unustasin lisada eelmisesse kommentaari veel ühe näite (lõputöö projekt, liikuvate piltidega):

Schoolfotograaf said...

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