Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Giveaway winner & new year with a new start

I've been the worst blogger-type ever lately and even now I have trouble in even choosing such a little thing, like a language, I write this post in.
My life has found it's stable and exciting rhythm and routine that I've been looking for for so long. I never thought that routine THE THING for me.  I go to bed and wake up early, get my morning coffee on a way, spend whole day( sometimes til very late and sometimes weekends as well) in middle of beautiful clothes and talented people, working on this season's prints and designs. There's only 2 other interns in design department( each designer has their own intern who's more like designer assistant), so It's very hands-on placement in a such a relaxed and happy environment. I get home and cook nice dinner and read/draw/watch some new movie in bed with my glass of milk with Baileys and fall asleep peacefully. Sometimes we have a good laugh with Lishka and Harri or go out to dinner with my friends. On friday's I'm out doing my extra module in university and on weekends trying to write two 4000 word essays. And shop at Antique shops and find cute little weird things I drag home with myself.
I've been writing and making plans a lot lately. I've realized how far time has gone past and how quickly I've become a grownup. And that school will be finish too soon and I will have to start planning what the future will bring. What is my journey from there on and how will I get it. I've always been a planmaker. I love having a goal. It's been comfortable just going with my schoolflow and not caring about anything else in the world, but this has to changed. It already did. I have a plan. Blogging seems more and more like a background thing, something that I do for quickly update's and where I write my thoughts that really have been going round and round in my head lately. Not much quality time is spent here lately really. Which is a shame. But I believe it's all for the best and I'm putting my energy and time to right project now. Cause everything is suddenly clear.

I'm sending you love from snowy hectic london sweethearts.

Off to dinner with my childhood besties.

Love you so,

 I'm sorry for my alte giveaway giving away- the winner is...

Anonymous said...
Aasta tagasi jälgisin mitmeid, isegi ehk kümneid blogisid. Nüüdseks on alles vaid paar, mida huviga loen ja üks neist on sinu oma :)
Lisaks sellele, et siit saab head muusikat, ilusaid pilte ja mõnusaid emotsioone, naudin ma tohutult sinu õppimis- ja enesearendamisevõimet,mida sa oma postitustes edasi annad.

Mõnusaid jõule heade inimeste seltsis :)

 Võtan sinuga ühendust täna õhtul.

Kõik kommentaarid läksid mulle nii südamesse ja tegid mu superõnnelikuks. te olete kõik head inimesed. Hingega ja päris. These days it's hard to find people like this. Kes julgevad öelda hästi ja südamest asju. Sest kergem on olla vinguv, külm ja vastik ju. Imeline, et minu lugejad sellised pole.
Aitäh teile. Kui saaks siis ütleks kõigile eraldi ja loosiks miljon asja välja veel.

Ilusat uut aastat teile. täis õnne ja armastust. Ja uuel aastal uue hooga. Kasvõii siis blogi vahendusel:)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Life right now

Dear all,

I've been living crazy-happy-busy-working life at @Mary Katrantzou. It's the happiest and most creative working environment where I been at and everyone and everything is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait you all to see what we have been up to and share everything after! I working with design team and prints every day, so my eyes are pretty much bleeding from photoshop and computer screen, but its all worth it:)

Til then, look and enjoy these absolutely fantastic videos. That all pretty much shows everything that's happening around me!

oh. back to prints now!

with all my love,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Insane instagram update aka life through my iphone lense - nov/dets/london

Dear Sweethearts,
I'm sorry for my lack of posts. While I'm writing about my 2012, ups and downs and what to expect from 2013( while fighting with insane cold and fever that I caught from NYE), you'll have a chance to scroll through my InstaFeed. There's much more and some bits that I left out and wanna talk to you about separately, but here it is. Yayyyayyyay. Listen and look.

Lots of love,

ps! You'll find out who's the winner of xmas giveaway in next post, no worries!

I can't get past the most intense month ever. Obviously its school related and like always, I'm giving a great example of how to be a geek and have no life at all. Haha. Library became my home and home was a place that  I didnt know much about.

Looking back and thinking about nov-dets and my weekends..I can't remember one friday or saturday NIGHT when I was our or at home or anywhere else than school. All of us were. Our own studio night in!

Last week was the worst. And in some suicidal ways the funnest. I literaly packed my suitscase with pillows, duvets, toothbrush, food and school stuff to spend nights in library. thats insane. seriously. but we did it and were sooo positive the whole way. I have an amazing course with a crazy bunch of cool people and we support each other on so many levels. 

Final illustrations and technical drawings on last night.
We slept max 1-2 h on a tables/under the tables/between printers ( haha) and woke each other up, so no one slept in or anything.
Sophie&Danni= positive thinking

Hand in day and zombie people+ final fashion show.
Gotta love to do lists. I made 3 of them every day.

On a one great saturday we got stuck in a lift. With no phone signal and noone else in school. well that was a waste of time.

Daily vitamins and coffee dose.

Shoreditch grind toilet
 and finally first snow in London. so late but so beautiful.
what a great thing
and there's always time for my favourite breakfast ever.
ah. remember the lift thing? yeap firefighters saved our lives( maybe)
popping back home to spend some quality time with loved ones between projects.
and having a blast out with friends!
getting myself a beautifull over the knee suede Kirkwood present
and going to concerts!
taking long walks by the canal
and reading books.

healthy mix

sorting out my work placement and making serious decisions about it was a headache but now its sorted!

our favourite coffee shop in our own building. best flat white in this little cute and superrandom place.

sample sale'ing is a terrible addiction to have. seriously. and sample sale season is just insane.

our new fav secret breakkie place

new Buduaar magazine with my interview inside!

scohoolzombiegirl in my usual uniform.

watching old Idiot Abroad episodes and having a naughty feast
brunch time with loved ones that last all day!

After our work placement project, we are starting on exciting project with Asos.com. Making a real collection that can be purchased on asos, how exciting is that?