Thursday, February 21, 2013

On a break

I'm having my much deserved break after LFW craziness and taking time off and hiding for a bit in Valencia. There's so much to share and to take in.. what was this collection about, what was the journey, how did we get there, why did we do things we did. Hopefully I will have enough time and energy to make somekind of conclusion for you guys over the weekend.
Til then,

Saturday, February 9, 2013

About current state of mind

Lately, my body and mind have gone through a change and my views of life, have become much clearer. There's some kind of purity that has taken over and preferring everything that is more natural and real.
Even the smallest things you know? Like there's somekind of freedom in not wearing any make  up these days. and that makes me oh-so-happy. Saving up time, money and skin. Cause it's the clearest it has looked for years. And it's most confident I've ever been in my own body too, i guess?
And I've overcome my insomnia and sleepless nights- sleeping like a baby every day at 11pm and waking up 7am. Seeing a beautiful red skies and a sunrise. That's something new. I've never been a morning person. Now I have my eyes wide open at 7, ready to do my morning run to the park and make myself some porridge with bananas and nuts. Suddenly, it feels such a waste of time to sleep through all that.
I guess it's the routine that I've adapted through my work placement at Mary Katrantzou. The beautiful things and fantastic people, Mary's laugh and Rihanna/fat friday's  have helped made me feel really happy there. No stress, no worries, just pure enjoyment of being part something this magnificent.
I've noticed that I've become calmer, more thought through and started really living for myself. All this YOLO attitude( haha) has gone and probably(hopefully) it will stay like this forever. I've had my crazy ride with no particular goal and I feel like, from now on I will want to put all my energy into meaningful action that will start moving me forward to achieving my goals. Going out, drinking and feeling like s*it afterward feels like another wasted day for me.
My mind craves for so much knowledge and my eyes for beauty these days. I'm the weird one snapping a picture of the spilled coffee on the street that is being flushed away by the rain. And the one making notes on the tube and screenshoting every movie I find fascinating like 300 times. And collecting old sent postcards and making notes about everything that goes by me. It's strange and might sound funny to some of you, but that's what my life has become.
As days go by, I start to understand what I want to do with my life more and more. And god, I thought I knew that 1000 years ago. But now it's about laying down the most important foundation stones and doing it right with a first try. And I guess it's what this blog is about- marking down my journey as I go. Every blog post should be a cornerstone marking something, some kind of a change in me or around me. It should be so much more about quality and an about having an actual meaning.
6 months ago I was so sure, that I won't be taking a year out and will be starting my final year in sept 2013. 6 months later I've decided to do that, so it will give me another year to prepare and learn and enjoy journey of learning for another year. I don't see a point of rushing it. There are multiple options on my mind that will prepare me for my final year( and collection) in a different way.Is it going to be Moskow or Paris? Or London ? I'm not sure yet, but I have time to give it a thought. Quite a few very important goals and finished lines have changed and moved forward, which means taking much bigger risk, but you'll hear about that quite soon.

A bit time ago, I had a conversation with someone, who means the world to me, about my biggest fears and wants. I've always been scared of spiders, heights and darkness, but that's all silly talk, isn't it? I'm scared of failure, more than anything. It's not materialistic fear, it's more about feeling that I haven't succeeded. For me, success is about feeling happy and feeling that you are living a fulfilling life. Life that actually matters and that you enjoy. Life that you live for yourself. that's exactly what I've been trying to do for last half year or so. I've had a hell of a ride during my short life-i've seen quite a lot of bullshit, done and experienced some of the craziest things, been to the darkest places you can imagine. I'm so glad, that I'm on a much calmer road now and have people who push me higher and not drag me in to the dark, around me.
I've had the most peaceful saturday today, with my usual sunset-run-porridge morning that was followed by my two favourite gallery visits- National Portrait Gallery and The Photograpgers Gallery. They never disappoint  I bought a few interesting books about curations and top photographers essays, so I'll have quite a bit of reading to do for my essay in Photography in context module. Also, I've been working in the studio today, listening to Rihanna all together, planning who's gonna sing what at after party,listening to discussions about front row seating,putting together commercial sales book, stitching down embellishment and keeping my eye on fittings etcccc etccccc.
Have as great weekend as I am having sweethearts!

With all my love,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Look back to fashion weeks

As we are getting more into the fashion week craziness, it's important to look back and remember what is it what we are looking for, non?
Here are a few bits from Paris & London Fashion Week from last year.

back to prints & preparation with Mary Katrantzou now!