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Best Art schools in UK

Tere Kullad
Jah..uus postitus! ma ei olegi vahepeal maa alla kadunud või ära surnud. tegelikult suri UK's minu internetiühendus(mis tegelikult tegi ainult head sel hetkel ja sain keskenduda kooli asjadele) ning esimesed paar päeva eestis on olnud megakiired.
aga igaljuhul.. IM BACK! ning kihvtid giveaway asjad ootavad juba mu voodi kõrval karbikeste sees. ise olen superrahul ning juba kellelegi nende andmisega headmeelt teha! aga seda juba järgmises postituses. nüüd on siis see kauaoodatud ülikoolide postituse vol2 olemas!

hetkel veits kiire ja seetõttu postitan põhi koolid ära millest tahaksin rääkida, ning ainult osadel uni of arts londoni omadel on oma arvamus kirjas. tegelikult peaksin olema preagu teises tallinna otsas preagu, tenniseväljaku ääres kaasa elamas! niiet ilmselt kirjutan need arvustused lõpuni seal. niiet hoidke pilku peal kullad! plus ma ei ole unustanud seda lubadust et räägin arhidektuuri õppimisest, kus kuidas ja mida!

eUniversitvy of Arts London(see on tegelikult üks nimetus viiele järgnevale ülikoolile. tegemist sama ülikooli võrgustikuga ja nt foundationile saad kandideerida ainult ühele neist a la nt st martinsi ja lcf'i mõlemasse ei saa. peab valima kumb. juba seetõttu on megatähtis selgeks teha kuidas foundationid neis erinevad. kõikidel neil nö alaülikoolidel on campused ja erinevad hooned laiali mööda londonit,niiet on päris vajalik selgeks teha kus asub see kool millest sa huvitatud oled ning millises ülikooli hoones see on, sest need on ka laiali mööda londonit.)

Central Saint Martins College Of Art And Design

One of the six Colleges of University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts and design in the country. It is, in essence, the complete arts College.

Through the work of staff and students, Central Saint Martins continues to build on the success of its past by pushing the boundaries of both the arts, performance and design practice, and of arts, performance and design education.

Students are encouraged to challenge the prevailing ethic and graduate as leaders and innovators. The College is determined to sustain and enhance quality to provide an unrivalled opportunity for students to select their career pathways, enabling them to realise their potential and make a significant contribution to the 21st century. We believe that our graduates - artists, performers and designers - have strategic roles to play in setting the agendas by which we shape our lives, not only now but in the future.

Central Saint Martins builds on the distinctive traditions of its four founding colleges: St Martin\'s School of Art, Central School of Art and Design, Drama Centre London and Byam Shaw School of Art. The College provides specialist education in fine art; fashion and textiles; communication design; media arts; 3D design including jewellery, ceramic, industrial and furniture design; theatre design and performance; and interdisciplinary art and design.

Ehk siis kõigekõige enam tuntud UK kunsti/disaini kool, maailma üks top koole ning koht kuhu on ilmselt kõige-kõige raskem saada. Neist kõikidest on ta kõige snoobilikum ja seetõttu on just eriti tähtis järgida kõiki vormistusnõuandeid mis portfooolio osas andsin. Kuigi sealt koolist astuavad maailma tasemel tegelased moemaailmast, on megatähtis teada ja meelde jätta, et tegemist on kunsti kooliga ning see ala mida st martins ise tahab pushida ja ajada kõige enam on fine art. Seetõttu on väga halb kirjutada oma motivatsioonikirja et jah, ma tahan sinna kooli saada moe tõttu. Foundation is all about experimenting. Õige oleks öelda, et im open too all kind of things and during my foundation ythear i want to try different things, even tho im really in to fashion and design atm. või midagi siukest.
niiet olge hästi mitmekülgsed ja visake enda portfooliosse paar head maali ka.

 Wimbledon College of Art
Wimbledon College of Art has a long and distinguished history as one of London's major art institutions. We enjoy all of the resources of central London; Waterloo is 15 minutes away, but we are far enough away from the centre of the City to have real space to think and work in.

Our largest single programme is our outstanding Foundation course, which recently achieved 100% for learning, teaching and achievement in the recent OFSTED quality assessment inspection. At undergraduate level, students have fantastic opportunities to explore all aspects of Fine Art and Theatre specialising in Painting, Sculpture, Time Based Media, Print and Digital Media, Costume, Theatre Design and Special Effects for Stage and Screen. The postgraduate area, which is growing all the time, offers a range of MA courses in Fine Art and Theatre as well as research degrees related to the staff research expertise.

We are proud of our reputation in preparing students for the professional world of theatre and fine art and our students regularly show their work in exhibitions, performances and events at key venues in London, as well as in the College's own gallery space and theatre. Wimbledon's research events take place at many London venues including the Tate Gallery, and internationally at the Venice Biennale and through international exhibitions and conferences.

Ours is a close-knit, creative community where students develop their own work with the support of a range of staff from the Fine Art and Theatre professions. The College has excellent studios, workshops, exhibition and theatre spaces and social facilities, which have recently been enhanced by a major new building providing purpose built postgraduate studios.

We have a passion for drawing and it is a central part of the curriculum. The Centre for Drawing arranges events, exhibitions and publications. The College has an ongoing programme of Drawing Fellowships and hosts the national Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Wimbledon is international in outlook, with students from around the world contributing to and studying at every academic level. We participate in international networks for student exchange with the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Our participation in the Association of International Art Schools provides opportunities for projects with students at member schools worldwide in Korea, Japan and the US as well as in Europe.

Wimbledon has a long history as a leading specialist art college in London and we are now part of the renowned University of the Arts London as the sixth college of the University. Students applying will join us not only as students of an outstanding specialist art college with an exceptional reputation in Wimbledon but also with the benefits of the largest and most comprehensive arts university in the UK.

London College of Fashion
London College of Fashion, one of the six Colleges which form University of the Arts London, is the only college in the UK to specialise in fashion education, research and consultancy. With an international reputation for fashion education, we offer a unique portfolio of courses from fashion design and technology, management and marketing to communication, promotion and image creation. Our aim is to reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry. 

Whether a student's passion is for footwear design, make-up for film, fashion buying or styling for photographic shoots, the philosophy of all our courses is to offer creative development alongside a strong vocational slant. The expertise of our highly experienced industry professionals ensures that students are kept aware of changing demands and opportunities within the fashion industry. Many of our tutors combine teaching with careers within the industry. This allows them to pass on invaluable 'insider' knowledge to students, on the latest technologies, techniques and trends. We can therefore offer our students a combination of practical and theoretical skills, supported by an understanding of the cultural context in which fashion operates

At London College of Fashion we believe that fashion is an international language. This outlook is reflected in the high number of international students we welcome to the college, from over seventy countries. This cross-cultural mix is a distinctive feature of the college community. Our perspective is further enhanced by the many academic links we have with colleges across the world.

UK and European students are also encouraged to study their subject with a global perspective. To help aid them in this approach exchange programmes have been set up in New York, Madrid, Budapest, Florence, Berlin and Amsterdam. Our students are also offered the opportunity to undertake work experience abroad.

lsc is all about fashion. lisage portfooliole moekavandeid ja disaine mis teinud olete jne, kui lähete moealasele kursusele. kui tahate teha nt make-up'i siis otsige mõni fotolembeline sõber/sõbranna ja pildistage enda fiercimad meigid ülesse jne. jällegi, tähtis on mäletataga et mis iganes te ei plaani, on observational drawing'ud VÄGA vajalikud.
üks lcf'i hoone asub otse oxford street'il(kus õpetatakse kõike meigi, juuste ja muude taoliste asjadega seotut) ning teine Westfield'i kaubamaja läheduses, sheperd's bushis. ise ma arvan, et ma iga päev seda oxford st müra ei suuudaks kuulata ja seal siblida ringi, niiet kindlalt eelistan sheperds bushi campust(kus toimuvad enamus kursustest)

London College Of Communication

Formerly known as the London College of Printing, London College of Communication (LCC) is the largest constituent college of the University of the Arts London. Our students automatically become members of Europe's largest university dedicated to art, communication, design and related technologies. University of the Arts London has since gained a reputation for being the UK’s “best new university” (Sunday Times). 

The College has around 9,000 students, of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This is a diversity which adds to the unique feel of this special and specialist College. Our staff include successful practitioners in London's thriving design, photography, broadcasting, publishing, advertising, film, printing, retailing and media industries. We also have visiting lecturers with international reputations.

Selle kooli kohta ütles mu fotograafia õpetaja, et see on ainukene koht kus on üleüldse mõtet õppida fotograafiat. Kui tahad olla fotograaf siis alusta assistendina ja õpi tegijatelt- ülikool vaevalt suudab sulle seda korraliku kogemust anda. sul kas on annet näha läbi kaamerasilma või mitte. aga igaljuhul, college of communication on kõige kõvem koht kus teha fotograafiat terves inglismaal. samuti seal on palju kihvte meedia ja ajakirjanduse alaseid aineid ja üleüldse, kui sa päris kunsti ei taha, siis LCC on koht kuhu minna ajakirjanduse ja foto ja muu peale.
thumbs up!

Chelsea College Of Art And Design
Chelsea offers specialist, student-centred courses that range from foundation to research degrees. The College's reputation for excellence in teaching and learning attracts students, staff and visitors from all over the world. This generates a lively community in which specialist and professional skills and knowledge are imparted and shared, encouraging enquiry and debate into how and why the arts shape our contemporary environment.
In a time when many certainties are now questioned, students must be given opportunities to investigate a broad range of possibilities which will help to challenge and re-define professional practice in the creative industries.

ning kuues on Camberwell College of Arts, millest ausaltöeldes ma peaaegu et mittemidagi ei tea ning ei ole kursis ka mingite stooridega, kellestki kes seal käinud on. 

Goldsmiths, University Of London
Goldsmiths is all about the freedom to experiment, to think differently, to be an individual. That’s why our list of former students includes names like Antony Gormley, Julian Clary, Damien Hirst, Mary Quant, Bridget Riley, Vivienne Westwood, Graham Coxon, Malcolm McLaren.

We bring creative and unconventional approaches to all of our subjects, but everything we do is based on the highest academic standards of teaching and research. And we’re part of the internationally recognised University of London, so your degree will help you stand out from the crowd.

With almost everything together on one site, there’s a strong campus feel to life here: we’re big enough to offer some fantastic facilities, but not so big that things seem impersonal and unfriendly.

The active social scene means that there’s always a variety of events going on (from performances, concerts and exhibitions to entertainment in the Students’ Union and the University of London Union), and we’re only a quick train ride away from the sights and sounds of Central London.

well..dont know too much about it. menswear fashion course is really good there and thats it.

Bath Spa University
The establishment of the Bath School of Art & Design in 1852 resulted from Government debate on the national shortage of training opportunities in design to support manufacture, and concerns about the strength of international design & manufacture at the time of the 1851 Great Exhibition. It became one of seventeen regional public institutions addressing the national need for highly skills artists & designers. In 1946 the School moved to Corsham and was renamed the Bath Academy of Art at Corsham Court.

The presence of tutors and visiting artists such as Terry Frost, Howard Hodgkin, Claus Oldenburg, Michael Craig-Martin, John Ernest, Richard Hamilton and Jim Dine, along with the establishment of a Research Centre for Arts Education funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation resulted in the Academy receiving national and international recognition. The changes which promoted new social frameworks in the 1970/80s were reflected in new art forms, and new structures within institutions of higher art education. The closure of the Academy at Corsham and its return to the City of Bath was one part of such change.

In Bath the change of location has suited students, with applications for places to a wider range of courses dramatically increasing. The employment of high quality practising artists and designers proved outstandingly successful and has been acknowledged in national reviews of teaching and research. Being a part of the University with taught course degree awarding powers has allowed specialist and modular course development, alongside significant research and scholarship across a broad range of studio and critical work.

Well, kui ma tahaksin õppida arhidektuuri, siis see oleks ilmselt koht  kuhu ma läheks seda õppima. Eelmine aasta läks üks sõber sinna foundationit tegema ja nii palju kui ma rääkinud olen siis on ta enamgi veel kui rahul. Portfoolio võiks kalduda veits arhidektuuri poole, nt kasutage vanu jooniseid mis tehtud arhidektide pool, leotage kuskil tees (niiet võtavad kollaka värvuse) kleepige valgele paberile ja joonistage üle midagi mis olete ise teinud. jätab väga kihvti effekti.

The Arts Institute At Bournemouth

Established in 1885, the Arts University College at Bournemouth has developed into one of the leading specialist education institutions in Europe focusing exclusively upon contemporary arts, design, media and performance. Such providers are widely recognised as offering the best education in arts and design, and the University College believes that in such environments the most creative and ground breaking work is produced.

The University College remains passionate about its subjects and continues to encourage curiosity, risk-taking and adventure in exploring and pushing subject knowledge and its boundaries, providing students with a well resourced environment in which to practise to the highest professional standards.
In 2009 the Arts Institute was awarded University College status, and its name changed to Arts University College Bournemouth as of July 2009. It offers the BA (Hons) Degree and MA course in Animation, Costume, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Interactive Media and Photography. The Institute offers two further education courses: National Diploma in Art and Design, and the National Certificate in Photography. According to the 2008 National Student Survey, it is ranked 22nd out of 129 universities and colleges overall, with joint 4th position for student advice and support and joint 6th position for the enthusiasm of teaching staff.

Bournemouth on uus hot thing uk kunstikoolides. Äsja valminud hooned ja supersupersuper võimalused teevad sellest kohast ühe riigi parima kunstikooli. 
Foundationit on kahte sorti: üks on tavaline ja teine on animatsiooni kaldega. Bournemouth ongi üks kõige paremaid kohti, kuhu minna, kui arvad et tahaksid jätkata animatsiooni, graafika, filmi jne valdkonnas.
Bournemouth iseenesest on päris kihvt koht. Asub inglismaa lõunarannikul ning on neile nagu meie Pärnu(muidugi vägaväga paljudes kordades suurem) Kui tahate elu ja melu, siis seal seda leidub kõvasti(Bournemouthi peetakse üheks parimaks peokohaks üldse.) ning kui sattute sinna siis minge kindlasti mõnele peole mis toimub V klubis, mis on tegelikult kirik(St Andrews Church) ning ma luban, et teie klubide-ööelude arhiiv saab endale vägaväga kihvti õhtu juurde!

Kingston University
The Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture at Kingston University is a rich and diverse creative environment that brings together a broad range of inter-related programmes, practices and people. We have a long history, of which we are proud � the original School of Art was founded in the 1890s � and have our roots in Britain�s art school system and its distinctive studio-based approach to education. Above all, we are committed to the current and future prospect of our courses and students, and their potential to shape and improve the world around us � locally, nationally and internationally.

Our staff and students are dedicated to both their own practice and research and the stimulating processes of education, which here at Kingston includes close links with the creative industries. Many of our courses are directly linked to related industries that inform and finance many student projects � a crucial part of what we do, flavouring nearly all of our courses. Our partnerships are a dialogue with industry, ensuring that we are influential, remain current and that our graduates are ready to find their own particular place in the world on completion of their chosen course. Examples of these partnerships include our highly successful link with the Design Museum in the delivery of our MA Curating Contemporary Design; several collaborative PhD projects funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council with a range of partners including Hampton Court Palace, the Geffrye Museum, the Architecture Foundation and London Remade; growing links between our Landscape Design courses and Kew Gardens, and between our MA Art & Space and Fusion Arts.

We count many of Britain�s most successful creative designers, artists and architects among our graduates, and we have
established a significant reputation for innovative approaches to art, design, architecture and surveying, which make our students much in demand. If you choose to join us you will become a valued lifelong member of our international postgraduate community � we all look forward to welcoming you to Kingston.

Ehk siis minu maailma lemmikum koht ning koht mille pärast oleksin st martinsi peaaegu ära öelnud. Esmaklassiline õpe, super asukoht(londoni äärelinnas) mis tagab hea ja loomingulise õppekeskonna. megaproffesionaalsed õppejõud jne jne. Ma olen ilmselt päris mitu sissekannet teinud kingstonist ja ega siin midagi ei ole öelda. peale univeristy of artsi koolide tugemuselt järgmine koht(v isegi sama hea) kus teha foundationit. Super fotograafia ja filminduse kursused.

De Montfort University
De Montfort University is a dynamic organisation, formed from a diverse range of specialist institutions. Its long history of excellent teaching, learning and research is founded in the technical and trade education of the late 19th Century. The name itself is associated with Simon De Montfort, Earl of Leicester, a distinguished figure in English history and widely credited with establishing the first parliament in 1265.

Prior to 1992, De Montfort University was known as Leicester Polytechnic which was created in 1969 through the amalgamation of Leicester College of Technology and Leicester College of Art. The polytechnic was established as a corporation in 1989.

In 1992, following the official opening of the Milton Keynes campus by HM the Queen, De Montfort University was born. Mergers have in the past taken place with Bedford College of Higher Education, Lincolnshire College of Art and Design and Lincolnshire College of Agriculture and Horticulture in 1994. In 1995, the University merged with Charles Frears College of Nursing and Midwifery.

In 2001 the Lincolnshire campuses merged with the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (creating the University of Lincoln) and in 2003 the De Montfort withdrew from Milton Keynes. The Faculty of Education and Contemporary Studies at the Bedford campus was recently merged into the University of Luton to create a new university for Bedfordshire. This merger has built upon the significant and complementary strengths of that Faculty and the University of Luton.

Today, De Montfort University has two campuses, Leicester City Campus and Charles Frears. The University has special arrangements with more than 80 universities and colleges in over 25 countries. It has approximately 20,500 students, 3,240 staff, and an annual turnover in the region of £132.5

As a leading institution for professional, creative and vocational education, underpinned by research excellence we have much to offer you.



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